Business Startup Checklist

  1. Gather your TEAM of professionals (legal, tax, etc.).
  2. Have your current and/or prior employment agreement reviewed by legal counsel for issues that may conflict with your business plan (assignment of rights, non-compete, non-solicitation, etc.).
  3. Joint Venture Agreement (Determine Duties and Responsibilities of Participants)Protect Your Assets.
  4. Trademark notice and registration.
  5. Establish Separate Entity (Personal Asset Protection)
  6. Determine Type of Organization (Corp, LLC, etc.) (Avoid Double Taxation)
  7. S-Corp Election, if entity qualifies.
  8. Bylaws, Shareholder Agreement or Operating Agreement
  9. Fed ID Number for Business
  10. Banking Issues.
  11. Business Certificates
  12. Business Licenses and Permits
  13. Commercial Lease
  14. Employer Posters Required by Law
  15. Insurance
  16. Register with State for Sales and Use Tax, etc.
  17. Establish Payroll System.
  18. Copyrights notice and registration
  19. Patents
  20. Website Compliance (Utilize comprehensive Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Copyright Infringement Warning, etc.)
  21. Agreements (Distributorship Agreement, etc.)
  22. Executive Agreement
  23. I-9 Forms and Immigration Law Compliance
  24. Mergers and Acquisitions
  25. Domestic and International Subsidiaries
  26. Franchising
  27. Exit Strategy
  28. Business Sale or “Wrap-Up”
  29. Protecting Wealth