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Taking the DisputeAvoidance Approach.

An Essential Key to International Business Success, is Dispute-Avoidance.
The Key to Dispute Avoidance, is utilizing Well Drafted Contracts.
Take Preventative Measures Now and Avoid Costly Remedial Measures.

International Business Lawyer

Michelle L. Grenier, Esq., is an experienced international business lawyer with locations in Boston, Massachusetts and Portland, Maine, counseling small businesses with regard to international transactions. Grenier Law Offices provides services to clients that have locations across the United States, including, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maine, New York, Nevada, Texas and other states.

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Grenier Law Offices is a boutique international law firm that provides guidance and advice to small businesses in a various industries, from startup (including Business Planning, Joint Venture Agreements, Incorporating and establishing a Limited Liability Company or Corporation, Buying a Business, Registering Trademarks and Copyrights, Marketing/Website Compliance, Commercial Leasing, Financing & Funding, etc.) to operation(Licensing Agreements, Distributorship Agreement, Executive Contracts, Employer Compliance, Sales and Service Agreements, Contracts, etc.) and through business exit strategies (Business Sale, Merger or other Disposition).

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